How is the Venefit™ procedure different from laser ablation treatment?


The Venefit™ procedure utilizes radiofrequency energy to provide consistent and controlled heat to contract the collagen in the vein walls, causing them to gently collapse and seal. Once a leg vein is closed, blood flow is redirected to healthy veins.

Laser ablation, on the other hand, uses laser heat to collapse and seal the affected vein. The laser targets the blood in the vein, which causes the blood to boil. This heat creates a steam bubble inside the vein, creating damage to the vein so that the vein collapses. Unlike the Venefit procedure, laser temperatures can reach over 700 °C. Animal studies have shown that laser can potentially lead to perforation and destruction of the vein walls, causing significantly more bruising and post-procedure pain for patients.2,3

The 2009 RECOVERY Study compared the experience of patients treated with the Venefit procedure and those treated with 980 nm laser ablation. The findings clearly demonstrated that:

• The Venefit™ procedure resulted in less pain, less bruising and fewer complications.1

• The Venefit™ procedure proved to be up to four times faster in improving patients’ quality of life.1



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