How is the Venefit™ procedure different from vein stripping?

p_strippingandligation_lrgVein stripping is a grueling procedure of the past.  It is a surgical procedure, where, the surgeon makes an incision in your groin and ties off the vein, after which a “stripper” tool is threaded through the leg vein in order to pull it out through a second incision just above the calf. Luckily technology has improved the way we treat varicose veins.




The Venefit™ procedure, is minimally invasive. In contrast to vein stripping, the vein remains in place and is closed using a special catheter inserted through a small incision below the knee.


Vein stripping is usually performed in an operating room under a general anesthetic, while the Venefit procedure is often performed using local or regional anesthesia allowing you to walk-in and walk-out for your treatment. 


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