Complaints about spider veins increase during the summer months, probably because we’ve stopped wearing long pants that covered them all winter.

You are out and about, enjoying the warm, beautiful weather when you quickly realize that your skin is becoming red and irritable. Ah, sunburn! A little bit of sun helps produce energy and boost our immune system by giving us vitamin D, but too much sun will dry out and damage the skin. Insufficient moisture and elasticity in the skin will give the outermost layer of veins a hard time by stopping them from moving properly. As a result, blood can start to pool, which will cause more spider veins. 

As your legs are frolicking in the sunshine this summer, be sure to protect them from the sun; it can help keep them from getting worse.

Tips to help your Spider Veins through the summer.

Always wear sunscreen: If you’re outside and are wearing shorts, put on some  sunscreen  to protect yourself.

Use aloe: Try putting on aloe vera lotion at night to restore any lost moisture to your legs.

Ditch the heels: Wearing high heels can hinder blood circulation, especially in the calves. Opting for sandals this summer will help reduce your risk of spider veins.

Keep hydrated: Drinking water will help moisturize your skin and keep you hydrated in the heat.


Don’t hide from the sun, just be smart and protect yourself!

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