Spider veins are mainly a cosmetic issue and can be left alone if they don’t bother you. But if you’re unhappy about the way they look or if they’re painful, you can do something about them.


Spider veins appear as thin, red lines or as web-like networks of blood vessels on the surface of the skin. Spider veins, a form of venous disease, typically appear on the legs and feet.

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Symptoms of Spider Veins

The most obvious sign of spider veins is their web-like appearance on the skin. These veins can be red, blue, or purple. Other symptoms include:

  • an uncomfortable feeling in the legs
  • swelling
  • rash
  • throbbing, cramping, or aching
  • restless legs
  • itching around the veins
  • skin ulcers

See your doctor if:

  • your veins are warm to the touch and very tender
  • your veins cause pain
  • you are developing sores, rashes, or ulcers on your skin
  • skin on your ankle or calf is changing color and thickening
  • your spider or varicose veins bleed


Spider and varicose veins are generally not serious health issues. Available treatments are usually easy and highly successful. However, new veins can form as you age.


If you feel you have some Spider Vein symptoms, contact a vein specialist today for proper diagnosis. Premier Vein Specialists offer a free screening allowing you to experience their office to determine if they are a good fit for you. Contact Premier Vein Specialists at 717-412-7226 to schedule your free screening today.