The beach. The pool. Picnics and baseball games. So many of favorite summer pastimes bring us under the sun’s rays. That sun we love in summertime may lead to more than just a rosy glow. Sun exposure also worsens varicose and spider veins.

Sun exposure weakens the upper layers of skin, removing moisture and reducing elasticity. The decrease in both moisture and elasticity leave the veins below the surface of the skin unable to flex appropriately. Instead of flowing, blood in these stiffened veins is unable to flow properly and may pool. Additionally, blood vessels expand in high temperatures, stressing valves.

You can lower your risk of inflaming venous conditions in the summer by:

Wear sunblock on legs as well as the thinner skin on your face
Seek shade in sunny weather
Drink plenty of water to keep hydrated
Avoid high heels to assist the veins in your legs pump blood out of your legs
Elevating your legs
Exercise when it is cool to help keep blood vessels from fully dilating. Examples include activities like swimming and walking in the evening.

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