The following is a grocery list of veggies, fruits and other nutrients for varicose vein sufferers who wish to become better varicose vein managers:

 Fruits For Vein HealthFruits-and-vegetables

Citrus Fruits – rich in oxerutins – including diosmin and hesperidin – and vitamin C. Get zesty with oranges, lemons, grapefruit, limes – the peel is loaded with rutins.


Cherries, Black Currants & Grapes – these non-berries do just as good a job as their berry counterparts. The darker the better the antioxidants!


Berries – contain tannins, which protect against blood vessel leakage and free radicals. Pick strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, raspberries, basically anything ending in -berry for a greater tannin punch

Tropical Fruits – think mangoes and papayas –both are rich in bioflavonoids


Veggies For Vein Health

Onions – another great antioxidant chockfull of vitamin B6, zinc, potassium, protein, folic acid, fiber, calcium, selenium and vitamin C


Red Bell Peppers – contain 3x more vitamin C than orange juice – and like most veggies, best raw


Buckwheat – rutin-rich to improve poor venous tone. Dried leaves can be steeped in hot water to make a tea; also found in soba noodles, breads, kasha or pancakes


Broccoli – loaded with vitamin C. Most beneficial when eaten raw


Spinach – leaves other veggies green with envy for its upper-class antioxidant status


Brussels Sprouts – a cabbage-y way to reach your daily antioxidant and vitamin C quota


Garlic – anti-inflammatory extraordinaire


Cayenne – red hot chili pepper with serious cell protection kapow


Fiber-rich foods — whole wheat breads, oatmeal, brown rice. Prevents constipation that can lead to varicose vein formation.


Liquid Strength For Veins

From wine to teas to smoothies, there are plenty of tasty ways to boost your vein health. Save some money and invest in a juicer or blender for your own smoothie factory at home.


Add these liquid vein supporters to your grocery list:


Green tea– on its own or mixed with juiced berries or cherries for a green tea with a juicy twist.


Teas – a nice cuppa is always the more proactive antioxidant drink to have versus a soda or coffee. Available in a world of flavors.


Smoothies & Juices – bring on the berries!


Red Wine – tannins galore!


Water – the greatest drink on earth for the good of the bod. Flushes all the nasty stuff out, locks the good stuff in. Helps ward off constipation.


Being “Vein Aware” helps you make smarter choices for better vein health.


So print this post out and keep this list of vein healthy foods and drinks handy for quick reference so you can make smart choices at the grocery store or while dining out. Your veins will thank you!


Eating and drinking your way to healthier veins is just one way to take control of your vein situation.

Dr. Mathai and the team at Premier Vein Specialists are always happy to discuss how to take care of your vein health.  If you feel discomfort in your legs or have concerns that you have varicose or spider veins, then call Premier Vein Specialists for a free screening today.  


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