putting on compression stockings

Pressure on the outside benefits the inside.

Compression stockings are tightly woven garments designed to place pressure on the legs and feet. This pressure allows blood vessels to function better. For example, veins’ efforts to send blood back to the heart are boosted by compression stockings. Swelling is also reduced in the feet and ankles.

With the blood moving more easily, clots are less likely to form. Clots are dangerous because they can travel throughout the body and become lodged in other places, like the lungs or brain. Clots also cause discolored skin and swelling as blood is prevented from flowing freely.

Compression Stocking Benefits
• Aid veins in pushing blood back to heart through putting pressure on legs
• Decrease swelling in feet and ankles
• Assist in spider and varicose vein treatment
• Reduce amount of blood pooling in veins
• Help prevent clots

Compression stockings are just one component of a vein treatment plan. To discover the many benefits of vein treatment, contact Premier Vein Specialists, LLC in Camp Hill, Hanover or York.