Running may be your top choice for exercise, but it is not the best option if you have varicose veins.  

Can you run with varicose veins?

As long as you are not experiencing any pain or discomfort, you can keep running if you have varicose veins, although it would be wise for a doctor to examine them and give you an opinion. If you are having problems you should definitely seek medical advice. Otherwise, there are ways you can help yourself so as not to worsen the condition:

  • Run on more shock-absorbing surfaces such as grass, dirt tracks, athletic tracks or a treadmill.
  • Ensure your running shoes have sufficient cushioning. If in doubt, consult the staff in your local specialist running shop . They will be able to assess the level of cushioning in your shoes and establish whether it meets your needs or not.
  • When not running avoid standing or sitting still for long periods and aim to move around every 30 minutes to aid the circulation of blood.
  • Wear graduated compression socks or athletic compression sleeves while running and/or when recovering in order to help the flow of blood back to the heart. Many people are familiar with wearing compression socks or stockings when on long-haul flights. The principle is to help squeeze the veins just the right amount so that the blood flow can be encouraged back to the heart. Try  compression tights  or  compression socks . A range of sizes ensures that you can get just the right level of compression for you.
  • Consider your running style to see if you can run more lightly, with less impact. 

If you love running but have leg pain caused by varicose veins, it may be time to see a doctor.  Treatment is minimally invasive with fairly easy recovery.  You’ll be back on the track in no time.  

Premier Vein Specialists will provide you with the best treatment options allowing you to continue your running as quickly as possible.  They offer a free screening so you can see your options and meet the staff to determine if Premier Vein Specialists is the right treatment facility for you.  Call today! 717-412-7226